Steliana Nistor had a birthday party

The gymnast originary from Sibiu spent her birthday with family and friends. Steliana Nistor received gifts for her new house and she says that she will announce on 1st of October if she will continue or not with gymnastics.

Recent olympic medalist with Romanian national gymnastics team, Steliana Nistor gets the best of the moments she’s staying home at Sibiu, beside family and friends. The one who is 19 years old today had a home made party, where was also invited her former mate from Deva, Andreea Stanescu.

Artesian well from her mother

Steliana received from her mother a gift for her new house: “I gave her a very beautiful mini-artesian well. She wanted it very much and we decided to give it to her on her birthday. We were very happy that we could be together after many years, on her birthday.” said Steliana Dovlecel, gymnast’s mother from Sibiu. Steliana Nistor told that she wanted for a long time to have her birthday at home, with her family.

“I didn’t decide anything yet”

Beijing medalist told us that she will decide until 1st of October if she will continue or not her activity. “I didn’t spend my birthday at home from 7 years ago. It’s beautiful and I am happy that I could do this. I received also a lot of presents. I received a microwave for my apartment. I am very happy. I didn’t decide anything related to my career, but I will do this until 1st of October.”  Steliana Nistor told us.

Happy birthday, Stela!



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  1. hola desde mexico city son una fan mas de steliana nistor aunque este no es mi mail si algun dia kisiera escribir estaria super ¡¡¡ steliana es una autentica campeona . aunque no lo trajo el oro se llevara una gran satisfaccion el haber estado ahi . very good and congratulations

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