At “Regina Maria”, the new school year started with Steliana Nistor

At the gymnasium school “Regina Maria” from Sibiu, today was the first day of school and it was a very, very agitated day because the olympic medalist Steliana Nistor was present. The director of the institution , prof. Nicolae Salade invited Steliana, who was a student there, at the opening ceremony, and he congratulated her for the bronze medal won at the Olimpics in Beijing and he told to the new students to take Steliana as an example, “to be as smart, serious and ambitious as her because these are the qualities necessary to make performance in any domain that they will choose.”

Steliana Nistor saluted all the people that were participating at the ceremony, she gave them thanks for the warm welcome and for the encouragements received along her career. She also remembered the moments she spent here as a student. Steliana Nistor let her professors an image with a dedication, she gave autographs and she wrote in the honorary book the following text: “I kiss you all and I will never forget you. Steliana Nistor… GO FOR GOLD!”.

Sursa Tribuna


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  1. I don’t know if this blog is FROM Steliana or ABOUT her, but it is always nice to read things about Regina Maria, Sibiu.

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