Steliana Nistor facing a very hard decision

The most complete Romanian gymnast at the present day, Steliana Nistor has to take until 1st of October, maybe the hardest decision in her life: to continue or not with gymnastics.

Steliana began her career to a very young age and she started to be appreciated as a big hope of the Romanian gymnastic in 2002, at the age of 13. In 2004 she became European Junior Champion but unfortunately an accident at the vertebral column and a medical intervention at her right knee stopped her evolution and kept her away from contests all the year 2005.

In this period Steliana Nistor improved her uneven bars exercise and in 2006 she started to compete and to make big progresses again, so that The European Championship from 2007 brought her a silver medal to uneven bars and a bronze one at balance beam. At the Worls from the same year, Stela won two silver medals: to all around and balance beam.

Unluckily , the column pain returned and Stela announced that she will retire after the European Championships but after she became European Champion with the team and vice-champion to uneven bars she declared that she will continue to train for the Olympics because it would be regrettable to retire before the most important competition in her life.

To Beijing, Steliana needed 6 infiltration at the vertebral column along the days of competition because the pain became more and more insupportable but nothing could stop her to give everything on that contest.

Together with her teammates: Sandra Izbaşa, Anamaria Tămîrjan, Gabriela Drăgoi, Andreea Acatrinei and Andreea Grigore she won the bronze medal and finished the 5th in All Around Competition, a very good result considering the painful problems which Steliana had. Unfortunately, she didn’t won a medal to her favourite event , the uneven bars , but she made a great contest at the Olympics in Beijing.

After the Olympics, the girls from the Olympic team together with their coach, Nicolae Forminte, went in cantonment at the Black Sea for ten days but Steliana Nistor was allowed to stay home with her family where she spent her birthday.

She will have to decide until 1st of October if she will continue competing or she will retire. Of course we all want her to continue to improve  her exercises, compete to the highest level and see her dreams come true but her health is the most important and I’m sure that if she will decide to retire it will be because she had a very good reason and because she did what was best for her. We are next to her whatever she will decide and as she did her best and did never disappoint us, we will try to support her and not to disappoint her  too.

We love you Stela!


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