Steliana Nistor is retiring

Very sad news for gymnastics lovers and also for Steliana Nistor’s fans. Sadly, Stela declared that she will officially retire and in the future she plans to concentrate more on the college, because she is a student in the first year at Sports Academy from Sibiu.

Meantime Steliana is home, at Sibiu, where she began the medical investigations regarding her health problems and she wants to get on her feet, to be healthy and prepared for the college that she will start soon.

We can only respect her decision and show her that we will always be there for her , we’ll admire and love her for what she is – a wonderful person and a valorous athlete who made us cry and also be happy with her and also made us to be proud that we are Romanians.

Stela, we wish you that the path you have chosen to be what you hope for, to be full of achievements and joy at least it was until now and to be happy and loved.


5 Responses

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  2. es unalastima que una gimnasta tan buena se retire solo espero lo mejor para ella

  3. oh no!!!

    Sad news for me since Steliana is my favorite current Romanian gymnast .

    the best of luck in the future for Stela

    I will miss you soooooo much

    you´re the best

  4. A very sad day for the gymnastics world, a very sad day for steliana but what wonderful memories she has left for us all. Steliana is a gymnast who deserves respect and admiration. for her future i wish her all the best xx

  5. cuando enpezaron los juego olimpicos de beijing me enamore de ella.
    cuando terminaron me dio tristesa por ke seria muy dificil verla participar por t.v y yo mismo pense que si yegaria londres 2012.
    pero ahora que se que se retira estoy muy triste y desesperado por ke tenia muchas ansias de bolverla a ver.
    y pues la verdad es su decision

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