Forminte will discuss with Steliana Nistor

Before taking a decission regarding her future, Steliana Nistor will have a decisive conversation with the national team coach, Nicolae Forminte.

“I talked with Stela and today , or at least tomorrow she will come to Deva and we will have a talk. All I can hope for is that she will take a wise decision and she will think to her future”, he declared.

I never thought that Forminte will still try to convince Steliana but I am glad to know there is still a chance for her to continue. We hope to hear good news from her in a couple of days :).


One Response

  1. I think he should understand that maybe the wise decision is to stop, if her body is hurting her so much. I, too, love her and would like her to continue…but not in so much pain. It’s not wise to damage your body when you’re so young and pay the price for the rest of your life. She is still so young and can look forward to enjoying many things in life. I hope Forminte and co. take that into consideration as they talk to her and I hope they encourage and support her in taking the best decision for Steliana, not necessarily for Romanian gymnastics. I also think that maybe they’re asking her to decide so soon. Maybe she needs more time off from gymnastics to let her injuries heal and see if her body can handle it again. I don’t know, I didn’t like Forminte’s language, saying that she should “make the wise decision for her future” because the way he said it kind of implied that the wise decision would be to continue gymnastics, win more titles and secure a name, as well as governmental rewards for herself. I want Stela to continue…but not because she is pressured. She doesn’t owe anyone anything.

    Please update us when there is news on this!

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