Let’s see again some of Steliana Nistor great exercises, which made us pay all the atention and be so happy.

(Romanian Junior Nationals 2004, she was just starting to become a great champion, she took the gold medal)

(Stuttgard Worlds 2007)

(Worlds 2007).

(exercises from Beijing, added by monagym)

(a very nice montage with Stela).


5 Responses

  1. These videos are impressive, they make us relive good times and be so happy.
    Thanks for that, especially the video by monagym and montage with stela.

    An appreciation for steliana to be responsible for those moments.
    I am waiting for news of her

    Best regards

  2. We try to get as much news as we can. I can promise that you’ll see news with her, sooner or later, but I think sooner.:)

  3. These videos were Fantastic and I like to thank Monagym and montage for those memories of the great times with steliana nistor a real champion I really miss her so i like to especially thank Steliana for everything she inspired me to be a real champion so I wish you the best and hope you archive thank you.

    best wishes love from Ashley xxx

  4. Ok, then I will wait
    Maybe any interview or news about a new year as a student, far away of the gymnastic.

    Thank for your time

  5. I didn’t know that Steliana used Shakira’s song “Ojos así” for her floor in 2005 🙂

    Nice job with all this sites of romanian gymnasts!!!

    Greetings from Mexico

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