Now is your chance to ask

Steliana isi pune amprenta pe Aleea SucceselorI have this in mind for a while and I think now is  the right time to do it, considering that we didn’t have news about Steluţa for a while.

I know you all want to have the chance to ask her so many thinks about her and her future plans, so I thought I should help you and make an interview with Stela asking her the questions you would like her to answer.

So, all you have to do is to formulate some questions for Steliana, you can ask everything you want (of course I will make a selection) and if your questions are pertinent enough, they will be asked in the interview.  Start asking ;).


20 Responses

  1. I was so sad to hear that Stela has retired, so I’m glad to have this opportunity to ask her some questions. I’ve never done anything like this before, so my questions are mostll cliché-ish and probably superficial. They are, however, things that I genuinely am interested in finding out…Here goes:

    -First of all, how are your injuries healing? Do you still have any pain?
    -What is your favorite gymnastics moment/memory?
    -Were there any skills you were training but never got to compete?
    -What have you enjoyed the most since your retirement? What (if anything) do you miss the most (about gymnastics)?
    -What was your olympic experience like? Were you disappointed not to have won any individual medals or proud that you made it that far in spite of your injuries? What will you take away from that experience?
    -After so many years in Deva, what has your adjustment to freedom and “normal life” been like?
    -At Deva, you had a packed schedule. Now that gymnastics is over, how do you fill all that free time these days?
    -Your coach, Forminte, tried to persuade you to remain in the sport and declared that you are most welcome to return at any time. Since your retirement, have you considered (even fleetingly) returning to the sport, either because you miss it or because your performance on the uneven bars is extremely valuable for the Romanian team?
    -Tell us about your aspirations for the future!
    -Are you considering remaining involved in gymnastics in one way or another? For example, are you interested in performing in exhibitions like Catalina Ponor, or maybe coaching in the future?
    -Who is your favorite gymnast?

    That’s all I have for now. I hope there’s something you can use in there. I’m also trying to come up with non-gymnastics questions and I’ll post these once I’ve thought about them!

  2. Oh, and of course let her know that her fans miss and love her and wish her a lot of happiness and success in life 🙂

  3. Dear Steliana!

    First of all I want to express admiration of your gymnastics, your fine work on bars. Many thanks for your contribution to the Romanian gymnastics, your charming smile and that pleasure, that you give all of us!!! Your fan from Russia, Maxim.

    My questions:

    That for you means a principle of company, partnership in Team (it is especial during Team Competitions in the World championship and Olympic Games) means for you and (that you feel being in this „atmosphere”)?
    And second:
    What you mean marital happiness and family as a whole?
    Multă sănătate, fericire şi succese, Stela!!!

  4. Dear Stela I have so many questions to ask

    1.How are you doing sinc you retired.

    2.Have your injuries gone still feel any pains.

    3.What do you plan to do in your future live.

    4. Have you thought of returning to gymnastics seeing your teammates again and reprusent Romania again.

    I,m glad your doing well sinc you retired i was sad at first but cheered up and moved on i will always be your fan i glad your doing fantasticaly well you still look stunning and beautiful me and her fans will also stick with you Steliana.

    best wishes

    love from Ashley

  5. Steliana…

    – You have kept contact with your teammates from Deva?
    – And the World Cup Final in Madri, watching?
    – What are the diferences, if you found, between university’s people and whom you lived with in gymnastic life?
    – How are you going, living in the own studio, seeing your mother…?

    So, something that I wrote. Thanks “monagym” for this interview.

    I m sure that you will give some time to answer the questions Stela. 🙂

  6. Is a great idea. Thank monagym
    I want to ask her many things but I am very busy now.
    When is the interview?
    I will write next week. I hope not to be late.

    Thank to all, specially Steliana

  7. Hi, I thought of another one:

    -What music do you like to listen to?
    -Do you have other talents besides gymnastics? What else are you really good at?

  8. Uffff I am still in time. Thank monagym
    Hi steliana I have some question for you

    -In last August during the Olympics, when it announced the final results of gymnastics, a lot of people noticed a great sadness in your face. Everybody were surprised with the terrible news. How did you feel in this moment?

    -After 15 years of gymnastics I guess it was not easy making a decision as important in your life. Of course your health comes first. How difficult was making this decision?

    -You have begun a new lifestyle. What are you doing in college? Do you like it? Do you get used?

    -How do you describe Steliana Nistor?

    -How did you take up gymnastic?

    Thank Steliana for all your effort and for letting us enjoy your triumphs. I’m sure that for many of us you will remain a real champion,

    I still have more questions

    best wishes

  9. I have one… and it sounds like this: So why do you write in English instead of Romanian…?

    🙂 meri crismas 🙂

  10. We write in both, english and romanian because Stela has fans outside the country too, and they want to know about her too, no?

  11. Merry Christmas Steliana!

  12. If my ask can be counted on yet, here it is:

    Is that true you speak a little bit spanish???

    During the JO, Claudia Esteva (the specialist of gymnastics on TV in my country) says so…

    If it is true, It will be a honor if Stela accepts to chat with me in spanish (this way, she can learn a thing or two, because I’m studying to be a sports journalist… And I know a little better the whole language) 🙂

    Thanks a lot!!! Salutari de la Mexic!!!

  13. Excuse me, again I want to tell some words.

    Steliana really is an example for all, one girl from Russia engaged in gymnastics speaks, that she has learned at Steliana’s to persistence on achievement of the purpose, overcoming of many difficult moments on a gymnastic life, through will power and character. It once again proves as far as the great value has Steliana Nistor for many fans all over the world.
    Stela inspires and gives confidence to people. And for this many thanks, from me and from Natalia’s.

    Happy New Year, Steliana!!!

  14. Yes, Steliana can be a real example for every gymnast in the world.
    I remember that someone (I don’t remember who) said that every coach would like a gymnast like her in his team, and it is very true. She was, and I am sure that she continues to be a model for little gymnasts.

    I wish a happy new year for all of you, and of course:
    An nou fericit, Stela!

  15. Hi Happy new year!!!

    More questions

    -How long have you lived in Sibiu? And do you like it there?
    -What do you hate? What’s best for you?
    -What do you think of fans?
    -How long do you think you will stay in Sibiu?
    -Have you made many friends there?
    -Generally you’re happy now?
    -Your family is proud of you?

  16. Hi again!!! This is only a suggestion for the interview (and apply only if it’s a face-to-face asking): can you record it and upload it??? Of course if Stela wants to and you have the means to do so…

    And say hi instead for me to Steliana… Please!!! 🙂
    Un salut din Mexic!!!

  17. Hi Erick! I can’t record the interview because I’ll take it by e-mail or by phone and I cannot record while speaking, but I’ll sent your salute to her. 🙂

  18. OK monagym!!! Thanks a lot for that!!! Steliana is now on a soul break, she now realizes who cares about her and who doesn’t; discovering new ways of life after gymnastics (according to “Chinuri dublate”).. She must know she can always count with the support of her fans, even if we’re unknown for Stela… I won’t never forget her victories, her routines, her guts, her bravery, her pride, her tears, her smile and her spirit!!!!

    Go on Steluta, it’s just the beginning… Don’t care about the people who are interested in fame only!!!

    Multumesc pentru tot, Steliana!!! Cu respect de la Mexic, Erick… 🙂

    PD: I read somewhere that Stela’s favourite artist is Thalia. If it’s the mexican singer she refers to… Monagym, could you ask her why is her favourite and which is her favourite song of Thalia??? Gracias!!!

  19. Of course I’ll ask her :). I took a part of the interview but I still have some questions to ask Stela and when everything will be done I’ll publish it here. 😉

  20. Ask her if she is Single.

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