Stela and her girls



The Interview :D

Stela - Beijing 2008, Team Finals, BeamThe most wanted interview is here, I finally finished it :D. Many of your questions already have an answer in the older posts published in press Veţi auzi sigur de antrenoarea Steliana Nistor and Chinuri dublate, so I didn’t repeat them here ;) (I know the articles are in Romanian but I will translate them if you need it).

You sent me a lot of questions and I tried to indulge you all… if I didn’t, then I’ll try harder next time ;) .

About Stela what can I say… you found out from the previous post that she needs to have a surgery in Canada because the pain she had to her left hand during the Olympics got worse and the doctors said she has necrosis. So far she’s waiting an answer from the Romanian Gymnastic Federation, to see if they will decide to help her with the money she needs to make this surgery. Meanwhile she follows a physio- kinetotherapy  treatment for her back only that the results are not as good as expected ( .

We hope that everything will be OK and she will receive the support she needs and if not, then she has us and I am sure that things will solve because Stela deserves to have a beautiful life for all that she did for the Romanian sport and for the great moments she offered us along her gym career.

And now… the most waited part… the interview!!!

monagym: Steluţa, tell us where did you spend the winter holiday?
Steluţa: On holidays was great, I was in Păltiniş to a caban with some friends and family.

monagym: Now that you retired from gymnastics what do you like to do that you couldn’t do before?
Steluţa: I like to listen to music every time I want, I like that I have a new group of friends and the best part is that I had the strength to rejoin with my family.

monagym: What do you miss most from that period?
Steluţa: I miss the gymnastic itself… It doesn’t pass one single day without thinking about gymnastic.

monagym: What is your favorite gymnastics moment/memory?
Steluţa: My entire career is the most beautiful memory I can have.

monagym: Mr. Forminte said you are welcomed anytime to comeback to Deva. Since you retired have you thought to a comeback?
Steluţa: Yeeess!!! But my health doesn’t help me. (

monagym: Are you considering remaining involved in gymnastics in one way or another? As a coach or performing in exhibitions?
Steluţa: As a coach maybe…  but I won’t be able to participate in exhibitions because of my health.

monagym: What was your Olympic experience like? Were you disappointed not to have won any individual medals or proud that you made it that far in spite of your injuries?
Steluţa: Of course I was proud of myself because I could be there, in Beijing.

monagym: What will you take away from that experience?
Steluţa: I remember with pleasure the moment I stepped on the podium together with my team and I’m proud that I had the strength to get there and finish the individual competition.

monagym: Did you remain in touch with your colleagues from Deva?
Steluţa: No, not really.

monagym: Were you ever unsatisfied with the scores you were given? Did you ever feel you were discredited?
Steluţa: Honestly… I can’t have an opinion about my scores because I was feeling something, and the judges were seeing something else.

monagym: Were there any skills you were training but never got to compete?
Steluţa: No, never.

monagym: What is your favorite gymnast?
Steluţa: Myself.

monagym: Do you have other talents beside gymnastics?
Steluţa: Yes, I like very much playing basketball and volleyball ;)

monagym: What kind of music are you listening?
Steluţa: I am listening all kind of music, except rock.

monagym: Is it true that your favorite artist is Thalia?
Steluţa: Yes, I like Thalia a lot and I also like Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor, but unfortunately I haven’t been listening Thalia’s songs or watching movies lately because of the lack of time.

monagym: How would you describe yourself?
Steluţa: A valuable, lucky, ambitious, optimistic, lively and realistic girl.

monagym:What are your aspirations for the future?
Steluţa: Health and nothing more.

monagym: Your opposite sex fans are curious if you have a boyfriend or there’s still hope for them ? D
Steluţa: Yes, I have a boyfriend, we have 4 months together. – sorry guys D

monagym: Some thoughts for your fans?
Steluţa: Thousands of thanks for all the support they’ve given me, loads of health, God bless them and may they not forget me!

I’m sure they won’t forget you Steluţa! You have many supporters here that appreciate you and stand beside you! :*

Now is your chance to ask

Steliana isi pune amprenta pe Aleea SucceselorI have this in mind for a while and I think now is  the right time to do it, considering that we didn’t have news about Steluţa for a while.

I know you all want to have the chance to ask her so many thinks about her and her future plans, so I thought I should help you and make an interview with Stela asking her the questions you would like her to answer.

So, all you have to do is to formulate some questions for Steliana, you can ask everything you want (of course I will make a selection) and if your questions are pertinent enough, they will be asked in the interview.  Start asking ;).

Forminte: “She is welcome anytime”

Steliana Nistor announced her retirement. The first one who officially found out her decision was the coach of the national team, Nicolae Forminte, which talked to her yesterday in Deva. Although he accepted her decision, he said that Steliana could always come back to Deva. “We talked, we analised all the arguments and she decided that she doesn’t want to continue, she want to stay calm. She is sorry because she would like to continue but she said that she don’t want to muddle thinks up, to continue and then retire, and again to continue. Now Steliana’s health is the first priority but she has to know that she will always be welcomed here”, Nicolae Forminte declared.

The last event Steliana Nistor will participate alongside the Olympic Romanian Team will take place Friday, 3rd of October, 10.30 o’clock, in Herastrau Park, an event organized by The Romanian Olympic Foundation and one of it’s partners. “In this weekend we will be a team again and I would talk to her more. Steliana Nistor is a huge loss and it’s very hard to supply a gymnast with her qualities. The leaders are fewer and fewer and we must manage with what we have.”, he said.

Forminte will discuss with Steliana Nistor

Before taking a decission regarding her future, Steliana Nistor will have a decisive conversation with the national team coach, Nicolae Forminte.

“I talked with Stela and today , or at least tomorrow she will come to Deva and we will have a talk. All I can hope for is that she will take a wise decision and she will think to her future”, he declared.

I never thought that Forminte will still try to convince Steliana but I am glad to know there is still a chance for her to continue. We hope to hear good news from her in a couple of days :).

STELIANA NISTOR: “I won’t go back to Deva!”

At the age of 19, Steliana ends her career because of the injuries

— Steliana, do you miss gymnastic?
— No!
It’s a straight answer, gave exactly on the “Lie’s Bridge” from Sibiu. The city’s habitats avoid to lie when passing the iron bridge because they are afraid the bridge will give away under their lie’s weight. Steliana came back home in Sibiu three weeks ago.

Steliana Nistor, bronze medalist with the team at the Olympics in Beijing, it’s the first gymnast that say “pass”  returning to Deva.

“I have injuries at my back, my bend, my joints, my ankle and my knees”, Steliana said. Everything is against the fairy tale from Deva. “It’s not a mental issue. Physical I cannot continue. To vault and floor exercises everything hurts, to balance beam I feel pain to my legs and column and to uneven bars my back hurts. I cannot keep it up!”, Stela adds.

Started to 15 years, her career is about to end. In 2004 she conquered the European Title to junior AA Competition with a score higher than the senior gymnasts and after that followed the back injury and the knee medical intervention. This stopped her evolution for almost a year. What did that year meant to her? “A big soul break”. A soul that just turned to 15 years. “I was little and I let myself led by my coach. I lost very much time and the injuries got worse”, she remembers.

“I don’t feel like the gymnastic stole my childhood”

Besides her problems from gym, she had to pass through her parents divorce and the poverty from her home. Steliana comes from a decayed family and she has two older brothers. This was a burden that she carried in those four years she trained to Deva with the Olympic Team. She also had to take the bacalaureat exam a month before the Olympics where she was marked with 8,95.

4 years is the age Steliana Nistor started gymnastic

5 european and worlds individual medals Steliana Nistor won in her career

Injuries, pauses alternated with medals. In 2006, at CE from Volos Stela helped the team to won the silver medal but 2007 was the sweetest year for her, she won her first individual medal, the European silver at uneven bars, followed by World silver to all around and balance beam. This period is the one with the most grateful memories for Steliana from her 15 years of gymnastic. The peak was the medal she took on uneven bars – her favorite event. The good results to uneven bars grew up from pain. Being injured, she could practice only to bars, because this event did not asked that much from her body.

The next year, 2008 – the Olympic year,  wasn’t that good anymore. After another European silver medal won to uneven bars, a new injury appeared at her back. “After the Romanian National Championship I had new back injuries. It was not the same problem like in 2005”, Steliana says. So that she arrived in Beijing very unhealthy.

She needed six infiltration to compete in three competitions and a final to uneven bars. This is how the medical history from Beijing looks like. “Without the infiltrations I could’t compete”, she said. Even though, she had the biggest score for the Romanian team, who won the bronze medal and she was the fifth to AA.

“I’m a teen-ager with childish thoughts and reactions. Now I wait the time to change me!”

She came back to Sibiu three weeks ago. A town that she discovers now and a town that discovers Steliana Nistor. “When I arrived I left my luggage home and I went for a walk. I don’t like to be barred. I have been so long time only in the gym and school”, Steliana said.

The next step was to eat as more chocolate as she wanted, although she was allowed to eat chocolate to Deva also. “ I ate chocolate until I got sick. Now I don’t want to even see it. I’m aware that I will start to put on weight. And that’s not because I eat more now, it’s because I suddenly stopped the physical training. I don’t exagerate with the food. I just replaced the black bread with the white one.”, Steliana added.

“The Lie’s Bridge” did not fall. For Steliana will come another hundreds of promenades in the town without swings, on a way of thounsands times flater than the balance beam.

Steliana Nistor is retiring

Very sad news for gymnastics lovers and also for Steliana Nistor’s fans. Sadly, Stela declared that she will officially retire and in the future she plans to concentrate more on the college, because she is a student in the first year at Sports Academy from Sibiu.

Meantime Steliana is home, at Sibiu, where she began the medical investigations regarding her health problems and she wants to get on her feet, to be healthy and prepared for the college that she will start soon.

We can only respect her decision and show her that we will always be there for her , we’ll admire and love her for what she is – a wonderful person and a valorous athlete who made us cry and also be happy with her and also made us to be proud that we are Romanians.

Stela, we wish you that the path you have chosen to be what you hope for, to be full of achievements and joy at least it was until now and to be happy and loved.