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  1. me encanta el album es fantastico!!!!!
    eres la mejor steliana!!!!!!!

    Imi place acest album este fantastic !!!!!
    Steliana’re cel mai bun !!!!!!!

  2. a se me olvidaba eres bellisima!!!!!!!

    Am uitat, eşti un frumos !!!!!!!

  3. you follow the example of my sister and I are his fan good nothing to do I belong I’m Sergeant wing militia army rangers and asked me to write this good bye.

  4. you are the most beatiful girl i’ve ever seen in my hole life , i love you and i really do… i hope to see you one more time in a competition

  5. Thank you for all of you for this minds of me and for your message !

    I am good now…i miss all my life of gymnastics , but…the most important is my health !

    I want to come back to be a great gymnast again…but…i will see what can i do with my hand and my back also !

    With love ,
    Steliana Nistor

    • I wish you could be back… Definitely the team needs someoene like you… I still remember your great performances …. wow…. I got really into gymnastics after I saw you at the Olympics…. come back Stela, Romania needs you !!!

    • I really hope you can come back, Steliana. Understandably health comes first, but still… if Catalina Ponor can do a succesful comeback, then you can do it too. 🙂

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