Forminte: “She is welcome anytime”

Steliana Nistor announced her retirement. The first one who officially found out her decision was the coach of the national team, Nicolae Forminte, which talked to her yesterday in Deva. Although he accepted her decision, he said that Steliana could always come back to Deva. “We talked, we analised all the arguments and she decided that she doesn’t want to continue, she want to stay calm. She is sorry because she would like to continue but she said that she don’t want to muddle thinks up, to continue and then retire, and again to continue. Now Steliana’s health is the first priority but she has to know that she will always be welcomed here”, Nicolae Forminte declared.

The last event Steliana Nistor will participate alongside the Olympic Romanian Team will take place Friday, 3rd of October, 10.30 o’clock, in Herastrau Park, an event organized by The Romanian Olympic Foundation and one of it’s partners. “In this weekend we will be a team again and I would talk to her more. Steliana Nistor is a huge loss and it’s very hard to supply a gymnast with her qualities. The leaders are fewer and fewer and we must manage with what we have.”, he said.